The problem is that most of these companies do not have the required equipment and expertise to manipulate with Porsche keys. That is why they either take the money and do the job the way they can or offer a client to turn to the official dealer. Does it seem to you like an endless circle? Here at SherlockLock, we will help you to release from it! We're the only locksmith team in the New England area that has all the required knowledge and expertise to program your Porsche keys even if you have lost all of them. Order our services right now and check it by yourself!


Rest easy with our dependable Porsche key cutting services

Please, take a look at the list of Porsche keys that we cover:
1998-2005 Porsche Boxster/911

2005-2011 Porsche Boxster, Porsche Cayman, 911 Cabrio, Targa key with remote

2000-2011 Porsche Cayenne flip key (make sure to specify if you have a keyless-go option)

2010-2017 Porsche 911, Porsche Boxster, Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Cayman, Porsche Macan

The Porsche models like Panamera go with so-called smart or push-to-start keys. We have capabilities to cut this type of key as well. So, hurry up to get in touch with our support representatives if you need to replace your Porsche key in the shortest time possible. We never set ridiculously high prices as dealerships do, so you will be able to save a bundle ordering our locksmith services.  

Here you can get a new Porsche key even if all the original ones have been lost

If you have a single key for your car, make sure to order a spare one from us to avoid bigger problems in the future. Please note that developing a duplicate is much more affordable than dealing with a car immobilizer system. However, if it happened so that all your Porsche keys have been lost, our professional locksmiths will handle this problem for you. Of course, the price for this service will be higher than for duplication. However, you can rest assured that it won’t bust your budget. 
For your utmost convenience, we work 24/7 and cover the whole Massachusetts area. So, whatever your Porsche model is, make sure to give us a call at your earliest convenience.
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