Sadly, most of our customers have been fooled into thinking only the dealer can make a key for their vehicles. That is not true. Sherlock Locksmith excels at programming Mini Cooper keys and making duplicate ones even when all keys are lost. We can also cut your emergency key that is hidden inside the fob.

What you must know about Mini Cooper replacement key programming?

We take responsibility to inform you that making a key for Mini Cooper is a risky process. That is the reason why a lot of locksmiths turn the job away. The process involves taking your Mini Cooper’s CAS module out of the car and soldering into it to extract the key data. This data is then used to program a new key if all keys are lost.

Inexperienced technicians can unintentionally damage the CAS module during removal or soldering. That will cost you a lot to fix. Luckily, all our specialists at Sherlock Locksmith are real experts when it comes to CAS module processes for Mini Cooper smart key programming. Not only do we know how to do the job right, but we can also fix your CAS unit if it has been previously damaged.

How much does it cost to replace a lost Mini Cooper key?

The prices depend on your car model and production year. You better give Sherlock Locksmith a call to discuss all the details. Also, it is a good idea to provide us with your VIN. This way, we can call the dealer to verify the part number of your Mini Cooper car key and match it accordingly. For your convenience, we will provide you with some pictures so that you can better understand what type of key you need.

Use them to find your perfect match and call us. One thing is for sure: our prices are way lower than what you would get with the dealer!

Need a spare Mini Cooper car key fob?

This is something we can also help you with. We strongly advise that you get a spare key fob for your Mini Cooper to avoid ending up in trouble. Making an extra key is much cheaper than buying a new one when all your keys are gone.Rely on Sherlock Locksmith, the mobile team of choice for Mini Cooper owners. We can help you whenever you need it, even when it is holiday time. Give us a ring to get your key made!
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