Thanks to our state-of-the-art technologies and highly-experienced locksmiths, we can produce replacement Mercedes keys for all models of this make that have been released up to 2014. So, whether you have the old-fashioned flip keys or the infrared type keys of the last generation, we're here to provide you with duplicates at budget-friendly rates. You won't find another locksmith company in Boston that offers the same quality services as we do. 


Did you lose your Mercedes keys?

Keep your head up! With the SherLock company on your side, you will get the new ones in a day without a need to spend a fortune on it. Our rates are much lower than the official dealership set as we want to make a duplication of Mercedes car keys affordable to all Boston citizens. Why pay twice and wait for up to two weeks when we take care of you 24/7 and provide the same day service?
However, the services provided by SherlockLock are not limited to key duplication. Our dedicated specialists can do everything from fixing your Mercedes infrared key fob to computer diagnostics. So, whatever your problem is, just give us a call at (857) 500-0006, and we will get it solved in a flash. SherLock is one of the few professional Mercedes key programming experts available in the New England area.
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