You should be ready to spend a fortune to replace a key or create a duplicate when you refer to your official dealership. The rates they ask for their locksmith services are exorbitant. We can offer you a higher level of service while not charging that much. Here at SherlockLock, we have everything it takes to program and cut Lexus keys. We strive to do our work on time and never mark up our prices. 


Top-grade Lexus key cutting services are now available in the New England area

At SherlockLock, we work with all types of Lexus car keys. Whether you have smart keys or regular ignition ones, we have got you covered with everything. Our pros will cut, program, and replace the keys you need. We also create spare keys and handle the situations when a client has lost all the keys to his/her vehicle. We use advanced programming tools to cut Lexus smart keys. That is why you can always rely on us despite your vehicle's configuration and the year of its release. 

Get your Buick keys made without spending a fortune
Please note that all Lexus smart keys come with an emergency key hidden inside a smart key fob. Our technicians are able to cut this emergency key so it can be used to open the door of your Lexus in case the battery of the key fob is down. If you own a Lexus car made between 1997 and 2002, you will have to spare a bit more time and money to cut the new key for it. This procedure is called refreshing and requires specialists to take a computer out of a vehicle and then erase key data from it. It is a troublesome procedure that requires meticulous attention. That is why locksmith companies charge extra for it. The truth is that there are only a few companies that can handle this task. And, fortunately, SherlockLock is one of them. We can perform a key refreshing procedure even if you live not within the New England area. If that is your case, make sure to send us your car's computer by mail, and we will send it back to you with the new set of keys. Call our support managers to get detailed instructions on how to remove a computer from your Lexus vehicle. 

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