Things we need for Jaguar key replacement

If you have lost all keys to your Jaguar, our experts at Sherlock Locksmith can help. What you will have to do is provide us with the year and model details of your Jaguar to get started. Then let us know where you currently are, and we will be there in a wink. Remember, every Jaguar car key has to be programmed, which means that we will need your car to get it done right.

Besides that, we cannot cut your key without your VIN.
All the Jaguar replacement keys that we provide come with a 12-month warranty from Sherlock Locksmith and look exactly like the original ones. You no longer need to seek assistance from the dealer!

Types of duplicate Jaguar keys

If you want to get a spare key for your Jaguar, Sherlock Locksmith is up for it. Zoom in on the given picture to find the key that looks like your one, and we are all set to duplicate it.
As a Jaguar owner, you will likely need one of these keys:
  • Chip key. It is common for older Jaguar models. A chip key has long been the gold standard and is considered the least expensive to make.
  • Flip key. Praised for its compact look, a flip key is usually used in mid-range year models. It is foldable and blends the remote system with the metal blade piece in a single unit.
  • Smart key. A major upgrade for previous keys, a smart system is often found in the newest Jaguars. It is also the priciest one.
Usually, the dealer charges a ridiculous amount of money for Jaguar key duplication.
That is why it’s important to shop around first! At Sherlock Locksmith, we will save you a lot of time and money and provide you with duplicate keys the same day, be it a chip, flip, or smart key. With the dealer, you will have to wait at least a week for this to happen.

We can also do the Jaguar key cutting

If you own a Jaguar, you probably know that every Jaguar key requires a special cut. At Sherlock Locksmith, we can take care of it, too. If you are only looking to get your key cut with no programming, be sure to call us.

Sherlock Locksmith service is available 24/7, meaning we can be on the road within minutes. If you have a lockout situation, and all your Jaguar keys are stuck inside your car, let us come to your rescue in an instant!

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