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Looking to get a duplicate Hyundai car key? Say no more. We have a huge selection of keys for a variety of Hyundai models. Even if your vehicle is equipped with a push-to-start ignition and a smart access system, we will provide you with the same type of key (OEM quality) as your original one.

With us, you can also get your emergency Hyundai key cut to embed it into the fob. To make sure the follow-up programming job is done right, we will need access to your car. Call Sherlock Locksmith today to schedule your service in New England.


Regular Hyundai car key replacement, fob programming, duplication, and more

If you own an older Hyundai model, you may have a separate key fob for it. Although it may be distressing if you lose it, you should not worry.

We have key fobs of all types and can program these for you for a very affordable price.
Additionally, if you are only looking to get your key cut (regular cut or laser cut), let us know about it. Our team is highly trained to provide this service at any time you need it.

Whatever your case is, Sherlock Locksmith is ready to take care of you. Whether you are interested in Hyundai key duplication or replacement, it all starts with a call. So, pick up the phone, have your Hyundai’s VIN ready, and let us help you!
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