Please note that you might experience some difficulties with certain types of Honda keys, including:
Most Honda car keys are equipped with a chip that is placed inside a key fob, so that you will need to reprogram a key to run a car. 

Honda keys require a special laser cut as the locks are equipped with a highly-secured cylinder lock. Honda car key replacement might cost you a fortune if you apply to the official dealership.
That is why it is better to go for the alternative locksmith services provided by companies like SherlockLock.

We program and duplicate Honda car keys at affordable rates. With us, you're guaranteed to get unmatched service. We have an individual approach to each client's case.


Types of Honda car keys and the peculiarities of their replacement

There are a few variations of Honda car keys out there. Let us take a close look at each type to find the difference between them and know what quote to expect when it comes to relocking or reprogramming.

Regular transponder key

This type of Honda car keys come with a separate fob. It is the least expensive option available. Almost all Honda vehicles released before 2005 are equipped with a transponder chip key and a wireless remote.

Remote head keys or flip keys

Remote head keys are the most common in our days. They are simple to use as a remote, and a blade piece of the key work as a single unit. Replacement of Honda car keys of this type will take more time and effort compared to a regular transponder key. 

Intelligent keys

The newest Honda models are equipped with a keyless entry and push-to-start keys. If your car was released a few years ago, you should be ready that key replacement at a Honda dealer will cost you a fortune. If you want to get professional locksmith services without breaking the bank, your way out is the SherlockLock company located in Boston. We are one of the few locksmith companies that can offer professional services at budget-friendly rates. We have all the required equipment and knowledge to cut and program intelligent keys at reasonable rates. So, whatever your case is, make sure to give us a call, and we will be happy to discuss its aspects. Our pros know how to find the way out even from the most complicated situation. Whether you've locked your keys inside a car or lost them all, with SherlockLock, it is not a catch-22 situation anymore.

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