Terms to know before opting for GMC key replacement

Do you use a key that comes with a remote system? Tell us more about how many buttons it has. Usually, these systems vary from car to car, and their configurations are not created equal. Some may have panic/starter/trunk release buttons, while others may not have them. Please take a look below and match your GMC remote fob with the pictures that we provide.

GMC flip key

This key combines a metal piece and buttons as a single unit. If it is broken apart, be sure to go for GMC car key replacement at Sherlock Locksmith. Besides that, we can help with the buttons that are ripped apart. Let us know whether you have an auto-start feature on your remote or a push-to-start ignition system.
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GMC proximity key

Proximity keys are usually found with newer GMC vehicles and used with push-to-start ignition systems. Also, they are the most expensive ones. The good news is that we offer the GMC proximity key replacement price that everyone can afford. We charge 50% less than the dealer!
Get your Buick keys made without spending a fortune

Why choose us as your go-to GMC key locksmith?

There’s nothing beyond our capabilities, meaning we can help you with:

1) door lock replacement
2) ignition system problems
3) key deletion from your vehicle’s memory in case of a theft attempt
4) GMC key cutting, programming, and duplication

Sherlock Locksmith will provide you with the best customer experience. We are available 24/7 and rule out hidden fees. Plus, you will get a 12-month warranty on all the services that we provide.If we do not show up within 45 minutes when you have a lockout situation, we will not charge you a penny. That is our promptness guarantee that you can expect with any service. Contact us to request your one!

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