In an emergency lockout situation, we can help you quickly get back in your car without damaging its lock. And we will provide you with a duplicate Dodge key if your one is snapped off. Think of our locksmith services as something that lets you stick to your plans, no matter what. We can even prevent your key from breaking off inside the ignition when it’s getting harder to turn.

Prompt Dodge lost key replacement and reprogramming

There’s nothing to smile about if you’ve lost all keys to your Dodge. But Sherlock Locksmith can make a new one for you within minutes. It will be the same key as its original cousin, whether it’s a newer-style smart key or a regular Dodge car key with buttons. Has your Dodge been stolen and recovered? Consider having its lock rekeyed and reconfigured to prevent future theft. That is something we can help you with, too.

Want to duplicate a Dodge car key?

At Sherlock Locksmith, we can make a spare key for your Dodge at a much more affordable price than the dealer. Plus, we can do all the cutting and programming at the location that works for you. It’s a win-win.
We cover the entire New England area and work 24/7 to help out Dodge owners who may be in trouble. Our skilled and experienced specialists are a call away at any time. That means even if you get locked out away from your home at night, you can rely on us for a helping hand.
With Sherlock Locksmith, you will get back in the driver’s seat in no time, no matter what Dodge car key issues you are dealing with. Call us, and we are there!

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