Re-flashing – Required for older Acura car models in case all keys are lost. We will need to pull out the computer from the car and turn it to the original state so that it will be able to accept new keys. Re-flashing is almost similar to formatting your hard drive.
Lock repair/Replacement – It is very common for your door lock or ignition lock to wear out overtime. Sherlock Locksmiths will have to diagnose the problem and find a solution whether to repair or replace the lock. Keep in mind that for Acura vehicles most problems can be solved just by replacing the ignition or door lock cylinder. That is something that we will definitely be able to take care of.

Laser Key Cut – We will be able to cut keys of any difficulty level. Acura high security keys cut on the spot by using our advanced equipment is something we can do in a matter of seconds.  

Broken Key extraction – If your key is stuck in your door lock or ignition – it is not the end of the world if you have proper tools. This is something that we specialize in, please allow Sherlock experts to help you!

Replacement Keys

When dealing with Acura keys, we should understand that Acura has four different types of keys.
1. No chip keys – This is the old-style Acura keys made of metal and does not require any sort of programming. All you have to do is cut a key and it will be ready to start a car. These are the least expensive keys out there. They do not require your car to be present in order to be duplicated.
2. Transponder/chip keys – Mostly used on older Acura vehicles usually up to 2006. This is your typical key without buttons to lock and unlock and usually have a chip inside. These transponder keys are pretty easy to duplicate in case you need a spare key and are not expensive.

In most cases, Acura’s that have a regular transponder key – come in a bundle with a separate key fob or key remote which has either three or four buttons which include a lock/unlock, panic, and sometimes a trunk button.

Please be sure to specify how many buttons your remote has because we strive to provide you with the best service. 

Keep in mind that in most cases – the car does not have to be present if you are looking to get a spare key made.  We are also able to come to you if you lost all keys and program these keys with our special equipment.

 3.  Remote head/Flip keys – The type of keys that include the blade piece, a chip, and a remote in a single unit. Those are the most popular types of keys we see today. These keys with buttons usually have three to four buttons depending if you have a trunk button or not. It is always a good idea to specify.

Problem with these keys is that they break pretty easily so it’s a good piece of mind to have a spare one made. The price is really affordable if you come to us as opposed to the dealer. The car has to be present in order for us to make a spare.
We can also provide you with OEM quality remote head/flip keys in case all keys are lost.
4. Smart keys/Push to start key fobs is usually found on newer Acura models from 2015 and up.
They include an emergency key (secret key) that is hidden inside of the key fob in case the battery in the key fob or the car battery dies you will be able to use it to open up your car usually by taking off the door panel which is really easy to take off.

Push to start key fob is the most expensive out there so be ready to spend some bucks but our prices are reasonable as opposed to the dealer that will make you spend a fortune. The car has to be present in order for us to be able to make a copy of your key fob or if you’re stuck in an all keys lost situation.
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